Get to know me!

My name is Aastha (you can also call me Rupal) and I am a twenty-something girl who is trying to find her way in life after dropping out of law school. I am currently studying English Literature, and am trying to return to writing – something I have always liked doing. Yes, life happened, depression happened, breakdowns happened. Yet, I’m here, ready to give my passion another go, and even hoping to become a better writer. And what is a better way to cultivate a writing habit than having your own blog, right?

So what can you hope to read here? Well, anything and everything as long as it does not include political commentary. I will publish book reviews (but not the prim and proper ones you read in leading dailies), articles, even stuff about my personal life, and since I happen to be someone who has battled (and continues to battle) severe clinical depression, I will also be writing about depression, and strategies which have worked for me.

I don’t claim to be the greatest, most eloquent writer around, and neither do I wish to compete with someone who is. I believe that good writing comes straight from one’s heart (which should also know the rules of English Grammar) and that it’s never about being verbose or pretentious. I will always aim for substance and simplicity, and I hope that as I continue on this journey, I will get better, and find a voice which is truly my own.


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