Death Whispers


Alfred Rethel – Death is a Friend 

Hello old man

How art thou?

Why surprised?

No stranger I am,

Death is my name.

I am the sole truth of life,

It is not what you see.

When your time is over,

I shall set you free.

What is in this mortal body?

Is the soul not eternal?

Then why fret about the pain?

Without it, how shall you gain?

Come hither my love,

Come into my arms,

And I shall take you away,

Far, far away to a distant land.

To a world where there is no pain,

No suffering, no separation,

No worldly concerns.

Come with me,

And together we shall fly,

Over oceans and seas,

Over deserts and pastures,

Over hamlets and cities,

Over the mortals who we used to be.

Something beyond these pleasures ephemeral,

Timeless Happiness,

The absence of worry.

All sins forgiven,

   All sorrows forgotten.

The body withers away,

like flowers on a grave,

but I preserve the fragrance

for another world.

I am not the end, my dear man,

But a door to new beginnings.

We all die once

To be alive forever

In memories, in tears, in laughter

And in spirit.

So fear me not,

for I shall come one day

only to take you

somewhere eternal

somewhere magical

somewhere far, far away.



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