Serendipity Divine

Left all my cares,

left all my worries.

Nothing to talk about,

not a word to speak.

In the trivial fights there is love,

in the commotion there is silence.

Our eyes meet,

the lips arch into a smile.

Left all my cares I have,

ever since I held thy hand.

How did I chance upon thee, my love?

Was it fate or a mere stroke of luck?

Or are you a mere illusion?

Serendipity it is,

your love so divine.

Destiny it is,

your soul so sublime.

Left all my worries I have,

ever since I held thy hand.

My body stays hidden,

But the soul is bare.

We are one spirit,

Barriers but immortal.

My mirror you are,

I am your reflection.

Nothing to say there is,

only to smile…

Walking together under the aging trees,

I look at the autumn sun.

The birds head back home,

With the sky turning crimson,

Nature settles down.

We waltz to the song of the crickets.

Hear music of the silence.

There is tranquility,

Beauty unparalleled.

Wordless conversations are all we have

As we sail away in the infinite sea of love.

There are no worries,

No cares at all.

Left them all I have,

Ever since I held thy hand.


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