Is beauty hazel eyes

or a subtle shade of blue?

Or is it those curly locks
that sweep that flawless pallid moon?
Is beauty the magnificent, beaming sun
or the pacifist rain?
Or is it the azure
gazed at by multitudes of green?
Is beauty the aroma of earth kissed by rain,
or is it a fragrant valley bearing the footsteps of Spring?
Is it a cuckoo’s song
or a mother’s faint lullaby?
Is beauty unseen sacrifice
or is it the glowing scales?
Is it undying love
or limitless freedom?
Is beauty silent satisfaction
or is it never-ending praise?
Is it the sound of Gold
or some peace of mind?
Is beauty wrinkled, frowning wisdom
or the laughter of young oblivion?
The mind freezes
but the questions do not end.
My eyes look for the key to this lock
and caught in this maze
my feet refuse to stop
as I continue to be smitten
with the inexplicable, undeniable
beauty of a mystery called Life.



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